Bobbie Dazzler

Margaret Wild Kane/Miller Book Publishers, Inc.

Bobbie, a red-necked wallaby, can do many athletic things, but she cannot do the splits, until she has patience, practices, and gets a helping paw from Wombat, Koala, and Possum.

ISBN10 : 1933605464 , ISBN13 : 9781933605463

Page Number : 32

Delilah S

John Maley Neil Wilson Publishing

Glasgow is full of invisible lovers because it's a city where it's hard to be gay. Couples can't easily kiss in the park. They pretend for years to their families that their partner's 'a friend'. And

ISBN10 : 1906000301 , ISBN13 : 9781906000301

Page Number : 222

Controlled Crash

Eldon Brown iUniverse

Pilots like to say that every safe landing is really just a controlled crash. In this witty and entertaining memoir of his airline career, Eldon Brown whisks us back to the heyday of the airline indus

ISBN10 : 1440160309 , ISBN13 : 9781440160301

Page Number : 148

Blossom Possum

Gina M. Newton

'Colour my beak blue, that's a risky business if you're not a cockatoo,' squawked Rocky Cocky. 'You'll need a bodyguard.' They trotted and strutted off down the track, round the back of beyong, up the

ISBN10 : 9781865047959 , ISBN13 : 1865047953

Page Number : 32