Albertus Magnus

L. W. de Laurence Health Research Books

Being the approved, verified, sympathetic and natural Egyptian secrets of white and black art - for man and beast. the book of nature and the hidden secrets and mysteries of life unveiled; being the f

ISBN10 : 9780787302641 , ISBN13 : 0787302643

Page Number : 208

Egyptian Magic

Maarten J. Raven Amer Univ in Cairo Press

The ancient Egyptians were firmly convinced of the importance of magic, which was both a source of supernatural wisdom and a means of affecting one's own fate. The gods themselves used it for creating

ISBN10 : 9774165322 , ISBN13 : 9789774165320

Page Number : 208

Egyptian Oedipus

Daniel Stolzenberg University of Chicago Press

A contemporary of Descartes and Newton, Athanasius Kircher, S. J. (1601/2–80), was one of Europe’s most inventive and versatile scholars in the baroque era. He published more than thirty works in

ISBN10 : 0226924157 , ISBN13 : 9780226924151

Page Number : 316

Secrets Of The Exodus

Messod Sabbah Allworth Press

This fascinating reference fuels the passionate debate about the biblical Exodus with a provocative thesis: Not only was Moses an Egyptian but so were the Hebrew people who followed him to Canaan. Thr

ISBN10 : 9781581153194 , ISBN13 : 1581153198

Page Number : 289

Aliens In Ancient Egypt

Xaviant Haze Inner Traditions / Bear & Co

The alien influences behind the rise and fall of Egypt’s Golden Age • Explains how Akhenaten was the last pharaoh entrusted with the sacred and ancient alien knowledge of stargates, free energy, a

ISBN10 : 1591438284 , ISBN13 : 9781591438281

Page Number : 320