Why Evolution Is True

Jerry A. Coyne Oxford University Press, USA

Weaves together the many threads of modern work in genetics, palaeontology, geology, molecular biology, anatomy and development that demonstrate the processes first proposed by Darwin and to present t

ISBN10 : 0199230846 , ISBN13 : 9780199230846

Page Number : 309

Faith Versus Fact

Jerry A. Coyne Penguin

The New York Times bestselling author explains why any attempt to make religion compatible with science is doomed to fail In this provocative book, evolutionary biologist Jerry A. Coyne lays out in cl

ISBN10 : 0143108263 , ISBN13 : 9780143108269

Page Number : 336


Jerry A. Coyne Sinauer Associates Incorporated

Over the last two decades, the study of speciation has expanded from a modest backwater of evolutionary biology into a large and vigorous discipline. Speciation is designed to provide a unified, criti

ISBN10 : 9780878930890 , ISBN13 : 0878930892

Page Number : 545

What Darwin Got Wrong

Jerry Fodor Profile Books

Jerry Fodor and Massimo Piatelli-Palmarini, a distinguished philosopher and scientist working in tandem, reveal major flaws at the heart of Darwinian evolutionary theory. They do not deny Darwin's sta

ISBN10 : 1846682215 , ISBN13 : 9781846682216

Page Number : 258

Life Ascending

Nick Lane Profile Books

Winner of the 2010 Royal Society Prize for science booksPowerful new research methods are providing fresh and vivid insights into the makeup of life. Comparing gene sequences, examining the atomic str

ISBN10 : 1861978189 , ISBN13 : 9781861978189

Page Number : 344

The Evolution Of God

Robert Wright Hachette UK

For centuries, faithful followers of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have looked to their holy texts for spiritual guidance, social and political mandates, and answers to man's burning questions abou

ISBN10 : 0748118551 , ISBN13 : 9780748118557

Page Number : 576